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LIBRARY: AKC With a Pedigree (c) By Polly Guerin


Trophy Case at the AKC Library
Do you want to verify the pedigree of your special pet? Where do you go to find out? There is no for dogs, but one of New York’s most historic hidden treasures is the AKC, American Kennel Club’s research library. It is by far one of the largest in the world devoted to man’s best (pedigreed) friend. A rare find for anyone interested in pure breed records or for the curious inquiring public the library is located at 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016.
IT'S A DOGGONE GOOD EXPERIENCE  Open to the public and dog aficionados, dog fanciers, dog breeders and Westminster show patrons here you will find a treasure trove archive for all matters relating to purebred dogs and the various roles they play in our lives. Throughout the years the library has been a resource for AKC member clubs but offers considerable reliability for pet owners who want pedigree information relating to their dog.

EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW about purebred dogs the library presently contains approximately 18,000 volumes including foreign and domestic stud books and bound periodicals. There are books on nutrition, training, disease kennel management, breed and behavior, books on police and military dogs, dogs in art and works of fiction include ‘Lassie Come Home,’ and pamphlets on dog show rules and protocol. Plan to spend an afternoon and savor the extensive collections of videos, stamps and bookplates, vertical files of clippings and articles as well as bound volumes of the AKC Gazette, the official publication of the American Kennel Club from 1889 to the present. All the AKC Stud Books are housed here and made easily accessible to researchers, but it might be wise to call and make an appointment

ESTABLISHING the AKC The library dates back to 1934 when the library was ‘officially’ established with the express aim of assembling a trove of reference books. However, if you were planning to bring ‘Rudolph, your treasured poodle for a visit, the golden rule applies here, ‘no books are allowed out and no dogs are allowed in.” Take time to look at the gorgeous oil paintings of dogs and hunters and look at the display case with dog-themed walking sticks and other memorabilia. The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its ancestry, promoting the sport of pure-bred dogs and breeding for type and function.

THE AKC’S ADVOCACY The AKC advocates for the purebred dogs as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, works to protect the right of all dog owners and promotes responsible dog ownership. Plan a visit, take a look at the library’s holdings, you’ll be enlightened and transported in a time frame experience where dog lore and historical references are housed in the most diverse canine library in the world. 212. 696-8234.


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